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On its visit to Gunungkidul on October 12, 2010, team from United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) stated that Gunungkidul regency, Yogyakarta province has two candidates to be considered as one of the world geopark: ancient mountain Nglanggeran and karst region of Gunungsewu.
Full commitment from all stakeholders are required in order to make the dream come true because Gunungkidul is blessed to have the two wonderful location, said Shafeea Leman, one of advisors from UNESCO Global Network of National Geopark.
In addition to UNESCO, the team is also consist of some geology experts from Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) Veteran, Yogyakarta. They also visit Kalisuci cave located at Semanu sub-district.
Shafeea, a professor from Universitas Kebangsaan Melayu, said that his visit to Nglanggeran is to directly watch the two locations those are proposed to be considered as one of world’s geo park in Indonesia.
“What is needed is our commitment because the process of submitting the two location to UNESCO takes only one to two years, such as Malaysia that submitted Langkawi as geopark. Through this thoroughly commitment, then we can manage the region properly,” said Shafeea.
He also noted that Nglanggeran has met some requirements that is needed to be made it as geopark, such as community involvement to manage Nglanggeran area and to prevent the region from any exploitation.
This point, community involvement, is still weak in some geoparks that have been registered under UNESCO. Therefore, UNESCO urged such geoparks to more involve communities in managing and maintaining the geopark.
Meanwhile, geology lecture from UPN Veteran Bambang Pratisto stated that Indonesia invited the team from Malaysia to make comparative assessment because Malaysia has had geopark, Langkawi.
“And we choose Nglanggeran because this region is feasible to be a geopark. Uniquely, it is the community that directly involve in managing the region, not the government,” said him. He added that in general, Gunungkidul has proper geologically requirement to be considered as geopark region.
Besides, the Head of Tourism Development of Culture and Tourism Department Birowo Adhie said that his department will complete the requirement needed by UNESCO.
“Officially, we do not yet submit the region to UNESCO. It needs internal coordination from regional government and community involvement to realize all of this,” he added.
(Source: depkominfo, kalisongku, Wahana Outdoor)

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