Friday, July 3, 2009


On July 3, 2009, PT. CITRA VAN TITIPAN KILAT (TIKI) held a gathering at Acacia Hotel, Jakarta. As one of its agents, I participate in it. This is my first involvement in TIKI gathering because I just run this agent for one year. There are hundreds agents or their representatives present in this event. As new agent, I am proud to be there. In addition to know other agents, I can take some valuable lesson from what director said at the time. In this gathering, TIKI also gives awards to agents which have great performance. Surprisingly, my agent (agen 034) is given one of those awards. As newcomer, it is almost unbelievable that finally my agent is chosen by TIKI as one of good performers. I hope that this awards make us do better and better in the future. In this occasion, let me thank to TIKI director and commissioner who recognize our hard-working in order to develop TIKI Big Family furthermore. I promise that by this awards, we will and must devote more of our time and resources so that TIKI is still leading in its industry.
Besides, I give my special thanks to Mr. Juliardi who trust us to operate one of TIKI agents. I cannot realize my dream to run this agent without his great efforts. I also thank to Mr. Amrizal who assisted me in doing my business.

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