Friday, November 27, 2009


Forty percent of your home’s electronic energy is used while your electronic devices are turned off, adding up to 10% of your electric bill. This is caused by ‘phantom power’ sucking electricity from the wall socket. Many electronic devices, appliances, power tools, cell phone chargers, and other gadgets draw power even when they’re on standby, switched off or not in use, just by being plugged in.
Therefore, UNPLUG devices when not in use or plug all devices into a power strip, then turn off the power strip with a single switch.

AC accounts for 16% of your electric bill. Setting the temperature 2oC warmer saves on your electric bill. Clean your AC once every 3-6 months. Buy energy efficient AC.
Whenever possible, keep cool without AC: strategically planting trees around the house reduces AC needs by 30%-58%; opening opposite end windows to pull out air through the house improves cross ventilation; block sunlight during hot hours of the day with awnings, blinds, or curtains; use fans, which use only 3% of electricity, to move air throughout the house.

Refrigerator accounts for 15%-20% of your electric bill and it’s the biggest energy-consuming kitchen appliance in a home, almost 5 times than the average television. Ideal fridge temperature is 2.5oC to 4.5oC, ideal freezer temperature is –18oC to –15oC. Placing refrigerator away from heat source and closing the doors quickly saves electricity.

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