Friday, July 17, 2009


On Friday, July 17, 2009 at around 07.40 a.m. (GMT+7), two bombs are exploded at two international hotels in Indonesia: JW Mariott and Ritz Carlton. Nine people were killed and more than fifty other were injured. Whatever is the motive, we all condemned those who involved in this terror. Indonesia Police must work hard to find out the executor and, more importantly, the actor behind it.
This bad day reminded us to the same event in the same place. In August 5, 2003, suicide bomber detonated a car bomb otuside the lobby of JW Mariott Hotel killing twelve people. At the time, Azahari was one who is responsible for the attack. He was finally shot by Indonesia anti-terror unit.
I am sure that Indonesia Police will, with their past excellent experience in revealing those who are responsible for the bombing, be able to uncover the doers.
At 02.00 p.m., President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) stated that Indonesia government condemns this coward action. In addition, he also said that, currently, there was a group of individuals who are trained to fire their gun with SBY picture as their target. The president showed some pictures, gathered from intelligent, showing these actions to support his argument.
We are shocked to what the President has said and showed, especially when he said that it is the first time he emotionally revealed to the public that his live was threatened.
He also cited some events that may have correlation with the bombing, such as disappointment of presidential election result, plan to boycott presidential election, plan to make riot as happened in Iran, and so on. In my opinion, President statements are too early. Although I agree to some of President statements, it is best for him to focus more on the problem, that is, how to investigate the case thoroughly.

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